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iNED Workshop - Transform to thrive, or stand still and hope to survive

13/09/2019   |   iNED

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Please join us in the WTW Auditorium on Monday 14th October for the third and final 2019 workshop.

This 2.5-hour workshop – involving four distinct sessions – will help NEDs understand how insurers are adapting to new technology and how this will impact the firm and its customers. One of our speakers will look specifically at the changing claims eco system. We will also review the growing sophistication in commercial lines pricing and the key challenges that presents, including cultural change Finally, we will consider how London market benchmarks on portfolio management relative to other markets and view a demonstration of how portfolio management has been deployed quickly into a Lloyd’s syndicate. The workshop will be followed by coffee and networking.

Workshop details:

  • Venue: Willis Towers Watson, 51 Lime Street, London EC3M 7DQ
  • Room: Lime Street Auditorium
  • Date: 14 October 2019
  • Registration: 1.30pm-2.00pm
  • Workshop: 2.00pm-4.15pm
  • Panel Q&A: 4.15pm-4.30pm
  • Coffee and networking: 4.30-5.30pm
  • CPD Accreditation up to 2.5 hours

Learning objectives

  • Learn how insurers’ operating models are changing with the deployment of new technology and consider what this means for our industry in terms of impact on, inter-alia, profitability and customer experience.
  • Learn how the deployment of analytics and “bots” is changing the operating model in the claims ecosystem and the impact on claimants.
  • Consider the transformation occurring in Commercial Lines pricing and the key challenges to be overcome.
  • Consider the application of portfolio management by London market insurers and view a demonstration of how it has been quickly deployed into a Lloyd’s syndicate.

Session 1 – business transformation in the digital age

Presenter: Iain Whittingham

Session content:

How are insurers changing their operating models with new technology? What does this mean for the insurance industry? What will be the potential impacts on, channels to market, profitability and customer experience


Session 2 – Claims analytics

Presenter: Tom Helm

Session content:

A deep dive into how the claims ecosystem is changing. How is the deployment of analytics & bots changing the operating model? What does Willis Towers Watson think the end-point will be and the impact on claimants and indemnity?

Session 3 – Commercial Lines pricing transformation

Presenter: Chris Varley

Session content:

Pricing sophistication is now deeply embedded in personal lines. How are we helping firms to transform commercial lines pricing in the London market, and what results are being delivered? In this session we will outline some of the key challenges to be overcome including legacy IT estate, data and the cultural change required

Session 4 – Commercial lines portfolio management

Presenters: Richard Clarkson & Georgy Matov

Session content:

Overview of portfolio management and its application into London market insurers. Some high-level insights into how London market benchmarks on portfolio management relative to other markets. Demonstration of how portfolio management has been deployed quickly into a Lloyd’s syndicate


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