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iNED Forum - The Future of Work

16:00 - 17:30
Online event

Join us for the next Forum in the iNED 2021 programme “The Future of Work” which will be held as an online webinar.

Leading Partners in their field from both DWF Law PWC and PwC present on the key issues now facing employers and the financial services industry in the new, post-pandemic world as we move from “working from home” to “hybrid working”. This forum will be interactive between the panel members and provide clear insight into the new organisational business drivers for the short and longer term future.

The panel will focus its discussion on:

1. The criticality of technology. While this has increased due to remote working and saved so many organisations to date, we now have new risks to contend with. Instead of employees working from a handful of offices, employees are now working from 1000s of home offices. What do organisations need to consider in relation to cyber security and hybrid working?

2. Global Remote Working. Employees have been working from a different country to the country in which they are employed. There is an expectation that global remote working is also here to stay. How will you managing cross-border remote working and do you have the appropriate infrastructure in place to facilitate global remote working and address the associated compliance issues?

3. Managing a remote / hybrid team. This requires a different skill set. Are managers being effective, do they have the right skill sets or is upskilling required for those leading hybrid teams?

4. How do you maintain a strong organisational culture when adapting to hybrid working?

5. The new Employee Value Proposition. Does hybrid working present an opportunity to review the employee value proposition including reward and performance?

Learning Objectives

• Describe the challenges relating to cyber security in the use of technology to enable home or hybrid working.

• Identify the issues around infrastructure and legal & regulatory compliance in a global remote working environment

• Consider the skill-set requirements for managers heading up remote / hybrid teams and how to main a strong corporate culture in this new working environment

• Highlight the opportunity to review the employee value proposition, including benefits, base and incentive compensation that hybrid working may present.


This accredited iNED Forum qualifies for up to 1.5 CPD hours (excluding breaks).

Delegates participating in the accredited iNED Forums, Workshops and Lectures can claim CPD hours towards the CII / Personal Finance Society member CPD scheme.

Booking Fee:
£50.00 (including VAT)

Online event

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