Insurance Non-Executive Directors


November 28 2016

Insurance Hall welcomed over 120 delegates to the final forum of the iNED 2016 programme

Standards in the Boardroom
What is the NED’s role in establishing culture?

The Rt. Hon. the Lord Hunt of Wirral MBE and Giles Peel – both of DAC Beachcroft
Philippa Foster Back CBE – Director of The Institute of Business Ethics

“Culture exists regardless. If left to its own devices, it shapes itself, with the inherent risk that behaviours will not be those desired. Employees will work out for themselves what is valued by leaders to whom they report.”

The Salz Review of Barclays Business Practice

• Ethics & Culture
• Behaviour – influence of NEDs
• Examples of good and bad behaviour
• Corporate governance – leadership in the Boardroom
• The value of independent advice


Our Culture:
• Have we a common understanding about the way this organisation works? Do we know the dilemmas our staff face day to day?
• What are the norms of how do we do our work?
• Do our values drive us? Individually and collectively?
• What is our leadership style?
• What example do we set?
• Do we believe individuals challenge the norm?


• The corporate mood
• The role of the NED – the Higgs legacy
• The regulatory view
• The challenge for modern boards
• Culture
• The collective board


How to approach the NED role
• Look out for each other
• Take independent advice
• Making the decision…
• The importance of corporate memory


As usual, the forum was followed by an enthusiastic gathering of delegates for refreshments in The Court Room enjoying further discussion and networking



Please feel free to download the speaker’s presentations

DAC Beachcroft Presentation

The Institute of Business Ethics Presentation