Insurance Non-Executive Directors


Monday 6 February 2017 – the first iNED Forum of 2017

The Insurance Hall attracted a full audience, most interested in the pros and cons of Blockchain, Robotics and Predictive Analytics

Why NEDs need to understand disruptive or enabling technology

In today’s fast developing world, insurance businesses need to understand how the latest technology can help them. But can it be a hindrance too? Will it enable new processes or simply disrupt traditional ways of working? What are the challenges and opportunities offered by recent technological advances? How can the data they produce be harnessed to improve performance? The first iNED Forum of 2017 will seek to address these questions.


Michael Cook and William Connor: PwC

Michael Tripp: Institute of Actuaries (MAID project)


  • Block-chain technology: What is it? How does it work? What is its value?
  • Robotic process automation (RPA): What place do robots have in insurance?
  • Predictive analytics: An explanation of the “Modelling, Analytics and Insights from Data” research project undertaken by the Institute of Actuaries.

Download the presentations from the Forum below:

iNED Insurance & Blockchain

RPA Insurance Event – v1.0

WCI iNED MAID MHT 20170206